the rambles of a family of five in Australia

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…I simply remember my favourite things…

First sit in a Bumbo (12 wks old)

Ooh Mum, I like it.

No, I LOVE it.

Tired Mummy with slightly tidier new haircut.

Suzy watching H sort out all the filing

Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, But to be young was very heaven!

It is lovely to be outside, gardening in one’s pajamas.

And then the gardener became a big lion, racing across the buttercup-strewn savannah…

Watching all the ladies at Bible Study

Suzy and her purty new hat

R and Suzy, having a big chat after tea

E shovelling apple tart

Suzy flying through the air – her favourite game

E and the Duplo, what a way to spend an afternoon

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Messing about near boats…

A couple of weekends ago when the weather was fine we decided to drive to Campbell Park in MK to have a walk. Unfortunately this coincided with E having had a high temperature for three days, which ended with a trip to the Out of Hours Doctor Service at the Danetre (for all the Aussies reading this it is pronounced ‘Daintree’) Hospital in Daventry. 24 medical centres just don’t exist here, so it doesn’t pay to be sick on a weekend or at night. (Word to the wise, y’know.)

Anyway, we had only a short time in Campbell Park (down by the canal) but we managed to snap some pix of boats with GREAT names and have a little wander around. Here are the results…

Great name for a boat, awesome name for a holiday destination.

The duck pond. E was a happy bunny – chucking his poppyseed water crackers to the ducks.

There seems to be an awful lot of sculpture in MK (no pun intended)…


You could’ve fooled us.

Roses and sunshine – we felt like sunbathing and cheering – but a one and a half hour wait at the hospital beckons…

This is our all-time favourite name for a boat. EVER. The question we so wanted to ask was ‘WHY’?

It took near enough five minutes to get even this picture – the font was so intricately painted that it looked blurry. You are seeing this picture because of the effort that went into capturing it. Some would say unnecessary effort.

Reading our Butterworth/Inkpen classic. Suzy looks unimpressed but is already started to be attentive while we are reading to E. What a blessing to have children who love to read and be read to.

After pfaffing at the hospital with their automated entry system (which misdirected our appointment by 1.5 hours!) we picked up E’s antibiotics at the nearest pharmacy and started for home. After administering said antibiotics as well as judicious amounts of calpol and nurofen, our little man was right as rain (as witnessed in the picture above). God is very good and we are thankful for E’s swift recovery.

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Dashing through the snow with a very special visitor

In December 2010, H’s mum came to spend four weeks in the UK. We were thrilled. This is a collection of photographs to celebrate her visit.

E in his duffle coat (he pronounced it ‘dubble tote’)

Our first winter frost. (More was definitely to come.)

E’s long locks and cherubic smile. What a stunner…

Somehow, all of E’s food this night was in the yellow family…but he loved the corn!

Frost and sunlight – quite beautiful.

E in wellies and leggings with holes in, desperate to be outside.

Our first snow – we danced around after this photo was taken – clodhopping through the yard and dancing around the hedge. Snow doesn’t stay pristine and white for long under such duress!

Furred seats in Cologne – all the better to warm your bottom after a ‘hard’ day’s sight-seeing.

View of our balcony on the first morning in Cologne – minus 12 and all’s well.

A grandma and her long-haired, spectacle-stealing lout.

Delicious hand-made chocolates in Olney.

Speedy Gonzales on his trike.

Catching some zzzz’s after a morning in Olney

In Stratford-Upon-Avon in front of a very possibly significant building.

I could’ve spent hours in here. I think we had about 15 minutes.

Once he learned to share, he couldn’t stop. The waterfowl were grateful recipients. H, not so much.

Yup, that’s my boy, running fearlessly toward a herd of geese…

The River Avon.

In Nannie and Sydney’s back garden, showing Grandma all the nooks and crannies.

Stopping by woods on a snowy evening. English teachers, c’mon.

H’s mum and the buffalo. She was OBSESSED. Possibly more photos of the buffalo than of her only (at the time) grandchild.

Snow and a buffalo.

This is my favourite winter photo.

Going for a walk/skate. The pram was necessary as the road was like an icerink in places.

A good example of E’s ‘threatening’ look! (And his interest in all things techological.)

Mum/Grandma, we had an absolutely lovely time with you. We miss you lots and wonder whether winter could possibly be as good without you. Lots and lots and lots of love, R, H E and now little miss S.