the rambles of a family of five in Australia

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The FIRST tooth – hurrah!

I have my first tooth – hurrah! but I won’t open my mouth and show it to you, oh no.
Tooth is bottom front left one, and it feels as though she has been working on it for about 2 months. It finally came through this evening, after dinner. Cue Mummy jiving around the playroom, shouting for joy.

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The Adventures of E and S in England and Wales

Happy New Year, everyone!

The first unwrapping. E is extremely proficient now!

Making cinnamon cookies and gingerbread with G & P. We were VERY tired at the end of this biscuit extravaganza.
Christmas morning – pre unwrapping. E is keen, S just wanted milk and a cuddle.

“Look at me with Mummy’s ceramic rolling pin!”

Our little musician.

A shepherd for the Nativity play.

“I love the smell of cereal in the morning.”

This photo will make sense when you see what she was looking at, below.

See, you’re making that face now too, right?
Eyeing a BIG puddle on one of our walks.

A bracing, but sunny walk, pre-festive season.

Suze, MUCH earlier in the year, not long after we arrived home from hospital.

Standing for a photo was much too tiring.
E at Blenheim in May, contemplating the water garden.

No one could tell he was Australian in this hat.

At Stowe, on a very grey day in June.

The wind was gusting, the gothic folly was behind us, and H officially LOVED Stowe.

R and the poppets on the clifftop at Rhossili.
A bit of sibling tenderness.

E giving the trim trail at Willen a workout.

This is Suzy’s way of signalling that it’s bedtime. We LOVE this system. And how cute she is.

Believe it or not, the mohawk is naturally occurring. We try to flatten it and it returns to this within half an hour.

Cliveden in the autumn with our Tuesday Expedition Leaders.

Suzy at Blenheim, chatting away in the back of the Phil & Ted’s.

Now that S can sit unaided, playtime is much more fun.

E + pretzel = walrus

S with Ellen the elephant – one of two indispensible sleep companions.