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Paris pictures

So, here are some photos of our time in Paris. Clearly it had a civilising and beautifying effect on all of us…!

One of the first things we did while ill, when we were convinced we were HILARIOUS – probably from lack of food, sleep and heightened nausea – was to pose in E’s new Bob the Builder goggles.

Here are our headshots. (Just count yourselves lucky the goggles didn’t come with overalls and workboots, or we might be all trying to wear those too.)

I can’t believe I’m in Paris and they’re making me wear these.
See, I TOLD you I was Bob the Builder.

I laughed myself SICK when R and the kids were doing it, but now it just feels silly.
If I go along with this, maybe she’ll take the kids out somewhere so I can sleep?

A view of the Canal St. Martin, right on our doorstep.

We spent A WEEK staring at this and were still no closer to working out what it was. Still, we kind of liked it!

A view of the mantel mirror in the living room.

The hall – scene of much scooting and shuffling.

Having a chat – plotting their next move.

Look! That’s Paris! Right outside our window!

Quite inspiring to have this on the wall opposite your bed. Quite disappointing when you don’t really go anywhere!

Check out the bags under our eyes!

Our first walk outside. IN THE SUNSHINE! This was our closest park.

Is it my imagination or does Suze look too big for this?! 

On the most ill-fated excursion we’ve ever undertaken, just before it all went seriously pear-shaped.

Notre-Dame, I promise we’ll be back.

Watching the world splash by in the rain.