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We have been very blessed in our two precious children, as of course all parents are, and as we have come to the end of 2012, with all its twists and turns, ups and downs and much packing and unpacking, we have (in the midst of tiredness, frustration and general parenting weariness) found ourselves giving thanks to our Heavenly Father for these two bright bundles who give us great joy, grey hairs and sleepless nights and many moments of utter bewilderment. E and S, we love you more each day and are looking forward to additional joy with you next year.

S in July, scooting around the loungeroom floor. We were beginning to think she would NEVER get up and walk!

E in the backyard, mid-winter, wearing his Fireman Sam helmet and busily ‘fighting fires’. When he ‘is a big man, I will be a firefighter and build things for you, Mum!’

Just part of the buidling endeavours E engaged in when let loose on our firewood stack. Never mind splinters or potential spiders, there was some serious construction to be done. At this stage, S was more of a supervisor than a participant.

She looks positively demure here – our little lady!

Sunglasses make me a rock star!

With a packet of glitter crayons from Lincraft and a roll of paper from Ikea, art is let loose upon our household. Cheap, relatively painless and very very therapeutic!

S, after her nap, wearing one of E’s cast-off hats and cuddling her bunny.

Watching R and E working on the front verandah. Spot the traces of tear-stains at not being allowed to join them.
And then a carefully contrived pose once she realised the camera was out…
Hurrah! We finally figured out a way to use ALL the pieces of track to make a shape that connects. We LOVE Thomas here!

One of H’s playgroup ‘science experiments’. The leaves DID change colour, but not dramatically enough to show up in the photo!

If your keys could double as your mobile phone, you might be smiling like this too…

E, covered in cake mixture after licking the bowl clean.

Big brother, little sister.

Ladybird, Ladybird drive away home…

Mmmm, chocolate icing, yummo!

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