the rambles of a family of five in Australia


Late in 2009, our family of three was given the opportunity to move to the UK. R’s challenge was to work with some existing Christian bookshops and a publishing house. H’s challenge was to make a home for R and E (and to see as much of her literary England as possible!)

Along the way we have left our home in Australia behind; been on three 24-hour flights; added our gorgeous Miss S to our growing family; and experienced the richness and diversity that comes with attempting to live, work, play and socialise in another culture.

In 2012, we moved back to Australia, leaving some very dear friends behind. We have since added B (who makes 5!) and are surviving the challenges/enjoying the many blessings presented by three little children and a cultural disconnect which leaves us a little out of sync with life in Aus, but glad to see our family and friends here again.

This blog is a snapshot of our family’s journey, our faith, our life and the ones we love, both in the UK and in Australia.


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