the rambles of a family of five in Australia


Suzannah Rose

It’s one week ago today since we welcomed little Suzannah Rose into our hearts and lives.
She was born at 5:27am on Easter Sunday (24 April 2011) at Northampton General Hospital. H was in labour from 9:30pm on the Saturday, and we arrived at the hospital at 4am.
H and S were in hospital until Tuesday evening, when the all-clear was given and we were checked out into the loving and enthusiastic care of R and E.

All in all it has been as people say, much easier the second time around.

We are currently trying to adjust little Suzy’s body clock to a more civilised arrangement, with some success over the past two nights. She feeds, wakes and sleeps with regularity – except for her preferred wake-snack-and-multiple-nappy-changing-fun-with-mum at 3am…

She is adored by big brother E, who keeps tabs on her whereabouts and likes to keep Mummy up to the mark with what should be happening next. He is fascinated by the idea of breast-feeding and keen that Suzy should never go hungry. (He’s not convinced that she secretly wouldn’t like to try his cheerios…)

We have been for a couple of walks on the estate this week, to get out into the sunshine and make the most of what might conceivably be summer here, and one trip out as a family to drop E off to his first day of nursery school – which he loved.

R goes back to work on Tuesday (Praise God for Monday Bank Holiday, and the Royal Wedding!) on a slightly limited programme until H gets her head around a morning routine for two little poppets instead of one.

We aren’t eating as much chocolate as we are led to believe people do with two kids, and have managed to eat vegies with every meal so far – so we feel as though we are coping pretty well! Perhaps this is the calm before the storm, or the lulling into complacency before chaos descends…who knows?

All we know is that our Heavenly Father has once again been generous, gracious and patient with us – providing the best of medical care for H and S; providing generous friends and church family members to love and look after us; giving us the ability to love each other through the midst of tiredness, and granting E a loving heart for his new little sister. God’s mercies really are new every morning – Great is His faithfulness!