the rambles of a family of five in Australia


Our house (becoming our home again)

This post is not a design-led post (self evidently, I would’ve thought), it is an attempt to answer questions from our UK friends about where we live now and what it is like.
Mostly the children are absent from the photos, because usually their sleep time was the best time to take pictures! This is also why their bedrooms are not shown (as they were IN them). We haven’t shown bathrooms or the laundry, or the rooms that are undergoing renovation either. However, this is our house, everyday feeling more like home and in it we live and laugh and (try) to get 8-10 hours’ sleep a night.

E in the front garden, enjoying the Australian autumn sunshine.

We so enjoyed the autumn colour this year – even though our senses were all attuned to seeing an English spring.

Mummy and Little Miss, watching the boys at work, sitting on the front verandah.

The White House (although R insists that to him, the paint has a greenish tinge), shining in the sunlight.

There’s an awfully big pile of leaves on the ground, and many more waiting to fall…

You could totally have a Sunday School picnic in our front yard. Maybe we could rent it out?

Our very empty hall.

Bedroom 1: overlooking the front garden. Soon to be a guest bedroom. UK visitors warmly welcome.
Bedroom 2: Behind bedroom 1, opening off the hall. Whose could it be? (Note the pile of books!)

Loungeroom, also opening off the hall. (Mostly a child-free space!)
First view into the kitchen from the hall – a good reminder through the busy days and sometimes wakeful nights, right above the wherewithal for a cuppa.

One of H’s busiest places in our house, but lots of good light and a cracking view mean it’s a pleasure to work here.

Poppies in winter. $3 from a roadside stall.

We might well be incapable of an uncluttered fridge. Roll on the preschool paintings and newsletters.
The sink and the view out to the back yard and beyond.

One day our library will be a haven of peace and tranquillity. At the moment it is the ‘sorting out’ room for our remaining cardboard boxes.

Our dining room. Scene of many meals, frivolity, lessons in table manners, PlayDoh creations and much sorting and folding of washing.

View from the dining room to the family room/play room. How we would’ve loved this combustion stove whilst in Dairy Cottage.
The ‘Book Nook’, watched over by Bertie the Gardener. We inevitably find ourselves here at odd times throughout the day, usually reading something to do with tractors or trains. Mummy is endeavoring to introduce the Muddle-Headed Wombat stories, but finds herself at a bit of a loss with all the explaining that tends to result from all of E’s questions.

The ‘play room’. This space has made playtime fun and well-organised. Everybody can find everything they need quickly and it is very easy to pack away at the end. Hurrah for sunshine and IKEA!

Our family room, from the Book Nook. This is a great space for relaxing and quiet chatting while kids play and chaos reigns. Watching the fire at night is better than television.

How we have loved getting our furniture back. Although swapping from a red theme in England to a blue theme in Aus has taken a bit of adjustment!
Swimming lessons began this week, so that the pool can be a place of enjoyment and not one of terror for E’s parents… It does look lovely in summer though!

The back verandah. Scene of joyous driving and crashing; wood chopping and barbeque-ing; washing and hanging laundry; and playing outside even when it rains. Hurrah for outdoor/indoor space!